Can someone please help me on these two math questions

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Left PictureYou have two conditions here.On the left is -6 > x.Minus six is not part of the system.On the right you have xβ‰₯3. The three is part of the inequality.The answer should be -6 > x or xβ‰₯3So the answer should be BRight PictureA is close, but because the endpoint is open, -5 is not part of the solution.Don't choose A.B has two closed ends.-5 ≀ x ≀ 0 So this is one choice.C- 5 > x but - 5 is an endpoint that is not included in the inequality because the end marker is open. Don't choose CDThe two end points are both open but it does not matter. -5 is between those two endpoints and therefore is included in the line segment. -7<x<1So the answer is B and D