A pharmaceutical company sells bottles of 500 calcium tablets in two dosages: 250 milligram and 500 milligram. Last month, the company sold 2,200 bottles of 250-milligram tablets and 1,800 bottles of 500-milligram tablets. The total sales revenue was $39,200. The sales team has targeted sales of $44,000 for this month, to be achieved by selling of 2,200 bottles of each dosage.Assuming that the prices of the 250-milligram and 500-milligram bottles remain the same, the price of a 250-milligram bottle is $ and the price of a 500-milligram bottle is $

Accepted Solution

Answer:  x = 8  y = 12Step-by-step explanation:Let x and y be the prices of the 250 milligram and 500 milligram dosage, respectively. The equations that may be derived from the given conditions above are,                                   2200x + 1800y = 39200                                   2200x + 2200y = 44000Solving the system by subtracting the second equation from the first gives,                                         -400y = -4800  Substitute the obtained value for y in either of the equations. I choose the first equation,                                  2200x + (1800)(12) = 39200                                           2200x = 17600  Thus, the 250-mg bottle costs $8 and each 500-mg bottle costs $12.